I have been missing.

First of all, hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. We did. That’s why I decided to be blogging today. As you can tell I have been missing.

2018 has been tough. But now I have found myself in a better place. A more organised state of mind. I am ready to make 2019 the best I can make it.

2018 should of been like that but due to various reasons, Master A and his issues, still getting over losing my mum, it didn’t happen.

October was the worst. I found out that Master A could have a genetic condition called Noonan’s Syndrome. Genetics testing has started for that and I should have the results in the next couple of weeks.

If he has it, the likelihood is that I have it too. I have been going through so many emotions since his genetics appointment. Guilt, sadness, frustration, impatience. I have been waiting for almost three months for the test results. That is the time it takes, I found it difficult to deal with.

I have beating myself up a lot. I felt guilty for passing something onto him. But it is something that I didn’t even know about.

He may not have it, I know. To be honest, a lot of me hopes he does. I have been waiting for almost three years for an answer to why Master A has his cafe au lait marks. As I told the genetics doctor, I have never been told that they are normal and the fact that I can’t see inside Master A and there are a few conditions that can cause issues internally, I need to know that he is OK.

That’s when she mentioned Noonan Syndrome.

Time will tell whether he has it or not but to be honest, I want answers. I want to know what is going on with Master A.

Anyway, I worry less now. Master A may have his learning difficulties and ‘quirks’ but I wouldn’t change him for the world.

He and his sister really enjoyed Christmas. They still are having fun. I am worrying and stressing less so I have more time and energy to put into making their time more fun and making sure we all enjoy every single day.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me this year, here’s to a more happier and productive 2019.

Preston Precious has been neglected but from now on I will be spending a lot more time on here and on social media (when the kids don’t need me of course!).

Hope 2019 is a good year for you all!

The Snowman tour – Blackburn Cathedral

the snowman, the snowman tour, orchestra, musical, blackburn cathedral

Copyright: Gareth Widdowson

I am kindly invited to see The Snowman Tour at Blackburn Cathedral. This is an orchestral performance of a much loved Christmas show of mine. I remember watching it for the first time when I was little and it was magical on screen, it is going to be even better at Blackburn Cathedral with a live orchestra playing.

We are going to see the performance at Blackburn Cathedral as this is the nearest place to us. But as this is a tour, maybe they are going to be in your area? The tour will start on the 3rd December and finish on the 29th December. For more details and how to buy tickets visit Carrot Productions Website.

There will be other entertainment on the day too, like another animation showing. Looking forward to seeing this! The animation that we will be seeing is The Bear and the Piano. This animation is based on a book. A book that I have never heard of and intend to purchase as it looks lovely! To buy this book yourself, click here.

There will be a soloist singing Walking in the Air. I think I will be in tears at this point. This song brings back so many memories of Christmas at my parents house. I miss those days. Christmas is still very good now, especially with both children but there is something special about Christmas Day while growing up.

I am really looking forward to seeing this performance of The Snowman. I haven’t told Miss A yet, she will be very excited!

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The Three Musketeers review

the three musketeers, dukes theatre, lancaster, outdoor performance, performance, show

The Three Musketeers is an outdoor performance in the very beautiful Williamson Park in Lancaster. It is a comedy performance and there are several scenes in a few different parts of the park.

I am so so pleased that we got invited as the performance was absolutely fantastic! I loved every minute of it. I didn’t want it to end, even with it finishing at 10pm! I have been to a few outdoor shows in the past but The Three Musketeers performance was the best!

There was enough space to get a good view of the performance, most people were sitting on the ground. There were people with folding seats but they got put together so everyone could see. You need to walk a little way between scenes but each scene is accessible by a path.

the three musketeers, dukes theatre, lancaster, outdoor performance, performance, show

Master A laughed the loudest..quite a few people laughed at him laughing, which was sweet but a little embarrassing. He was so good, especially since he had been to preschool that day and would of been ready for bed at that time. I was a little bit concerned about how he would cope with sitting down for so long. With him having his developmental delays, he can be a bit unpredictable but he was such a good boy and really enjoyed it!

Miss A loved it so so much! In fact she hasn’t stopped talking about it, especially about Athos who is played by Milton Lopes. She was lucky enough to be given his hat to hold while he got ready. This made her day!

We all want to go back to see it. We will be seeing next year’s, that’s for sure!

To find out more about the show, visit The Dukes website

I know this is a completely positive review with no negativity but there isn’t anything negative to say about it, we all had a fantastic time and can’t wait for next year!

the three musketeers, dukes theatre, lancaster, outdoor performance, performance, show

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