I have been missing.

First of all, hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. We did. That’s why I decided to be blogging today. As you can tell I have been missing.

2018 has been tough. But now I have found myself in a better place. A more organised state of mind. I am ready to make 2019 the best I can make it.

2018 should of been like that but due to various reasons, Master A and his issues, still getting over losing my mum, it didn’t happen.

October was the worst. I found out that Master A could have a genetic condition called Noonan’s Syndrome. Genetics testing has started for that and I should have the results in the next couple of weeks.

If he has it, the likelihood is that I have it too. I have been going through so many emotions since his genetics appointment. Guilt, sadness, frustration, impatience. I have been waiting for almost three months for the test results. That is the time it takes, I found it difficult to deal with.

I have beating myself up a lot. I felt guilty for passing something onto him. But it is something that I didn’t even know about.

He may not have it, I know. To be honest, a lot of me hopes he does. I have been waiting for almost three years for an answer to why Master A has his cafe au lait marks. As I told the genetics doctor, I have never been told that they are normal and the fact that I can’t see inside Master A and there are a few conditions that can cause issues internally, I need to know that he is OK.

That’s when she mentioned Noonan Syndrome.

Time will tell whether he has it or not but to be honest, I want answers. I want to know what is going on with Master A.

Anyway, I worry less now. Master A may have his learning difficulties and ‘quirks’ but I wouldn’t change him for the world.

He and his sister really enjoyed Christmas. They still are having fun. I am worrying and stressing less so I have more time and energy to put into making their time more fun and making sure we all enjoy every single day.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me this year, here’s to a more happier and productive 2019.

Preston Precious has been neglected but from now on I will be spending a lot more time on here and on social media (when the kids don’t need me of course!).

Hope 2019 is a good year for you all!

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