Rash! Miss A and her allergic reaction

brockholes, muddy puddle

At Brockholes – Look at Master A’s trousers. He found the only muddy puddle!

Rash! Miss A has been prone to them. The last two ones have been…odd!

Almost two weeks ago, Miss A had a rash, it got worse while I was at Blog On in Manchester. She also felt poorly. My other half thought it could be Scarlet Fever. It wasn’t. We didn’t know what it was, nor did the doctor, but she got over it.

Monday was a different story, similar rash but more obvious and a bit different. Miss A also had a mottled tummy. My other half is the most level headed, non-worrying man ever. He was worried.

Off to out of hours (primary care) they went, 8pm, as it always is. After waiting four hours, we had a diagnosis.

An allergic reaction.

To what?

Don’t know. Can’t tell. The suspicion is it is something Miss A ate or drank due to her symptoms but it could be anything.

So what’s next? Phoned our doctor the next morning. They won’t test her. I have to keep a food diary. Which is fine, a bit annoying but if it proves to be beneficial then it is worth it. Miss A is now on Piriton. Every time she has a flare up she has to take it until her symptoms disappear. Thank goodness she doesn’t get drowsy with it. Can you imagine how she would be with all her hobbies, especially ice skating!

Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again but if it does..we have the right medicine as since Monday, her symptoms have cleared and she is back to her usual self again.

I am wondering if all her times she has had a dodgy tummy it has actually been part of this. Time will tell I am sure. This experience has one positive. Miss A doesn’t drink much water at all. She is like a camel. Since Monday, she has been drinking lots! I have bought her a new bottle with flamingos on (she LOVES flamingos) and a carry strap. She LOVES that bottle!

Fingers crossed we have some answers soon or even better, it to never happen again!

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