#OreoCookieQuest challenge – a poorly household!

Oreos! We love them! Even the dog begs for them. Of course she doesn’t get any! She is terrible for begging! Couldn’t resist taking this photo. Poor girl, I am such a torment! I love the #OreoCookieQuest. I was challenged by Britmums to basically have fun as a family. 

So our challenge was a little bit of a disaster. Firstly poorly kids, then cheer practice for Miss A took over. It was her second competition of the year yesterday. Shame she couldn’t take Oreos to share there, no food allowed apart from food that is available there!

If we could of done this challenge after today, we would be able to take our Oreos with us to so many places. Miss A has her first ice skating gala, she has lots of trips out with friends, visit with me and the youngest to Essex to see Grandad. I bet Grandad likes Oreos too! I do have to say in this post that Oreos were one of the first thing that my boy ate after spending almost a week not eating much, certainly not eating without being convinced. I am thankful for that!

Oreos go everywhere where we go. They are a staple of ours. We take a pack to share to the ice rink, to dance class, everywhere. I have been known to share our pack of Oreos to other people at Miss A’s dance class. It would seem that most people love Oreos! We haven’t had much of a chance to go on many adventures with our Oreos. We were given two packs of Oreos for this challenge. They have mostly been eaten at home. It is a real shame but that’s life!

Oreos are such a fun snack, I make sure that both have two wherever they go. We aren’t very adventurous with ours..eat them like any other biscuit. I need to start baking with them…I love Oreo bits in ice cream! Yummy! Oreos are awesome with a nice hot cup of tea. A nice treat! I love to have them while I am watching television or YouTube.

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