An update – Some good, some bad. That’s life!

I haven’t blogged properly for months. I have done a few review posts but no personal stuff in a long time. There are a few reasons for this, all will be explained here. Life has been very challenging but also very rewarding.

The first thing that has happened is that I lost my dear mum. She died in December. I am still not over it, I doubt I ever will be. I think of her every day. I will always miss her. I won’t go into detail on what happened as I haven’t asked the rest of the family. I don’t think it is the right time to ask.

The second thing is that our lovely dog Tyson died in March. Again, I miss him a lot. He was a lovely dog who was kind, affectionate and our first dog. Tilly is doing well being on her own, I think. She is getting lots of attention! Tyson was 12! He had so many things go wrong in the last few years, he did so well to last until then! Will always love him.

I think that is it for the bad bits..but as you can imagine, they are life changing.

There is some excellent news by the way. We have found out that Master A does not have NF1! He has had a genetics test done, which is 95% accurate and it was negative! I am not too sure why he has the cafe au lait marks. If they get bigger or if he gets more, I will make another appointment. I have found another condition that it could be, Legius Syndrome. I am not going to ask for another referral to get it tested just yet. There are no health risks like NF1 attached to this and from what I have read about it, it can only affect the learning.

Both Miss A and Master A are well. Mostly! They have had a few things to deal with but nothing serious. Master A is starting to talk a little bit more which is awesome! Miss A is doing so well with ice skating and dancing!

So that is all I am going to put on here as I intend to blog regularly now. Fingers crossed I can do this!


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