Chillfactor Pull Pops review

We were sent a set of Chillfactor Pull Pops to review. Miss A was so excited when she saw these. She loves ice lollies and so does Master A.

I was rather impressed with the idea of letting Miss A make her own lollies, but she found the Chillfactor Pull Pops impossible to do, they were just too hard for her to pull the liquid up. I took over, she was a little bit disappointed but I told her that we would keep on trying and she will eventually get the hang of it. She was happy with this and it means that this product will be in our lives for quite some time as even though Miss A couldn’t do her own ice lollies, she had fun watching me do them.

Miss A kept on asking if they were ready yet..she got so excited when they were. What she didn’t realise, I had already done one for Master A so they both had an ice lolly. An ice lolly that kept them happy for quite a long time!

Even though Miss A couldn’t do them, I still am happy with the product, it made both children happy, this makes me happy.

Look at their faces!

Master A really enjoyed his ice lolly. I think we will have lots of fun with being more creative with the Chillfactor Pull Pops in the next few months, when the weather gets warmer. It is still a little bit cold out there to be eating ice lollies, I think.

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