Teletubbies 20th Anniversary

Teletubbies are celebrating their 20th Anniversary! Wow that makes me feel old! I remember my nephew watching it as a two year old and now I have children of my own and they watch Teletubbies too!

Tomorrow sees the new Teletubbies DVD being released and we were sent a copy. Master A is obsessed with Teletubbies now and asks for it every day. There are six episodes to keep little ones occupied, this is just enough for Master A but he does want to watch it over and over again throughout the day. Of course I do not let him but he does seem to be quite passionate about it. And, get this, he can say Teletubbies quite well! This is awesome!

Perhaps Master A should be one of the Teletubbies..he would say “Again, again!”

There are also bonus features on the DVD. Special features include:

“Big Hugs” Song
Meet The Characters: Po
Meet Daniel Rigby

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We were also sent a book which he adores! The book is called Teletubbies The Tubby Custard Ride. This is a fantastic interactive book where Master A loves to slide the tabs to make it super fun! It is a super-sturdy book that should last a long time! It has been keeping him busy since we received it!

I think I shall have to get more Teletubbies products for Master A as he has really enjoyed these two!

Look at his face! He is so happy when he is watching the DVD and playing with the book!


There is also a Twitter Frenzy on Monday 27th February 2017, come and join in with the fun! The hashtag for this is #Teletubbies20. I shall be there and will be tweeting!


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