Kazoops album review – Just Imagine – Volume 1

Kazoops is all about Monty, a six-year-old boy who challenges life’s questions both big and small with the help of his limitless imagination and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. In each episode, the duo enters make-believe worlds to challenge everyday preconceptions such as ‘do things have to be the same all the time?’ or ‘do all games really need rules?

Since the launch of the series in July 2016, the music in Kazoops has been inspiring children with its variety of genres and whimsical combination of guitars, ukuleles, drums, glockenspiels, retro synths, string vocals and more. The beautiful songs from each episode successfully highlight the magic and power of a child’s imagination, and what sets the songs apart is that parents love and enjoy them too.
Patrick Egerton, Executive Producer, Cheeky Little Media, commented: “Music pervades Kazoops at all levels, and not just because each episode contains a unique song.

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Click this picture to buy the album!

Children’s TV producer, Cheeky Little Media, is proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘Just Imagine – Volume 1’ on Friday 28th October. A total of 20 songs from the popular Kazoops series is included in this first album, and digital service providers include iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and Youtube. Fans of the pre-school TV series will be able to either buy the album and individual songs or alternatively stream the music online.

We love the songs, especially Master A. He loves music and he has been trying to sing along. His favourite has to be the Dinosaurus Games song. We love it so much that we thought we would share it with you here – just click on the picture below!

kazoops, kazoops music, kazoops album, just imagine

To listen to more of the songs visits the Kazoops YouTube channel

Note: this is a paid blog post but we truly love the songs on the Kazoops Album!

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