Update: Back to school tomorrow – Summer holidays are over

Miss A has had a good Summer holiday and she is back to school tomorrow. Year 2 – how did that happen!

I am sad she is going back, very sad. I love spending time with her and her brother together.

Time has flown by and it has been fun – mostly. Lots of socialising and visiting family and friends. Not much time for blogging. I have been too exhausted to be honest by the end of the day. My health has been up and down throughout the holiday and so have the children’s. Nothing serious just bugs.

Master A has been given a date for his paediatician appointment, in exactly a month’s time. We have waited so long already. I haven’t been coping with what could be wrong with him. I told the doctor this on Friday, after realising that I can’t go on worrying like this any more. I need to know what is wrong with him, it is hurting me so much. It is affecting day to day life a little. Probably why I am falling asleep early every night. They are going to try and get an earlier appointment for him, I will find out before Friday if they are successful.

I will now have time to concentrate on my blog when Master A has his rest time. Even though he has stopped his naps, I have quiet time with him when he either does crafting/playdoh or something or he watches a film. Just to give me a little bit of time out. Perhaps I will find out if I can get an appointment early this week and then I will know I have done all that I can to get Master A checked out. I know that it is not life threatening but it is certainly life changing.

Miss A hasn’t been affected by what is going on with Master A. That is good.

We have had a good Summer holiday, that is the main thing.

I just hope now that I have told the doctors how I feel, we get things sorted soon.


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