Peppa Pig Enchanting Castle review

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Miss A and Master A have been brought up with Peppa Pig. Mostly on television but they have some toys. When we were sent the Peppa Pig Enchanting Castle, both were rather happy!

The Peppa Pig Enchanting Castle is a fantastic toy that closes when not in use. Fantastic! It comes with one Peppa character. I am sad it didn’t come with George too so they could play together but…we have him, along with several other characters already. Miss A got out all of her Peppa Pig stuff while playing with the Enchanting Castle so bear that in mind when watching the video and looking at the photos.

They spent so long playing with the castle…and the other toys.

Most of the time Master A plays with his toys in silence so this video is lovely for me to watch so I am sharing it..I think he is saying “Addy” for Daddy Pig.

This toy was a huge success. It was the first time that I saw Master A properly play with toys and pretending to make the characters walk, get in bed etc.

There is also a bed, steps and a mirror included. The mirror turns which makes it even more fun! The door to the castle also revolves too.

The Peppa Pig Enchanting Castle costs £24.99. It is worth it though as it is a toy that can be added to with the other Peppa Pig play sets.

A fantastic toy that has made both children, especially Master A very happy! I am very thankful for being sent this toy as it is a toy that has made Master A start to progress with a few things. It is a toy that can be shared by the both of them too – fantastic!

Available at Smyths Toys

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