Shibajuku Doll review

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Miss A loves her dolls. So when receiving the lovely doll Shibajuku Doll she was so happy with it. The is a very pretty doll. Her name, Yoko, is beautiful.

Each doll is fully poseable. It is dressed in the latest fashions and has four hair accessories for the doll and the child. Miss A doesn’t want to put the clips in her hair. They are for her doll only! The doll has glass eyes and real lashes. There are a total of five dolls to collect. Miss A is so happy with her doll. It is the right colour for her, pink.

The doll is a lovely size and is so so pretty. Miss A loves her and so do I. The doll doesn’t look as nice as it did when it was in it’s packaging as Master A has been playing with her. All the hair is in a bit of a mess but she is still very pretty. Master A seems to love her too. I love the fact her eyes are so big and blue. The attention to detail is fantastic. I love the fact Yoko is so poseable. So does Miss A. The outfit she wears suits her very well. I think Miss A wants to get Shizuka.

I think this doll is well worth the money. It is so well made and Miss A loves her.

You can read about the Shibajuku Doll on the Daily Mail website.

The Shibajuku Doll is only available Smyth Toy Superstores for £24.99.

Miss A was sent a Shibajuku doll for review.

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