Time for speech therapy

Love this boy - just wish he would talk!

Love this boy – just wish he would talk!

On Friday Master A has his first session of proper speech therapy. I think it may be an assessment on the first day but I hope they give me some information on how to get him to talk. He doesn’t say much at all. I am guilty for mothering him too much, giving him what he wants but I did exactly the same with Miss A and she started talking at an early age.

I know that Master A isn’t the same as Miss A but he will be three in September and him not talking is causing problems. I can’t potty train him, I don’t know what he wants some of the time and I want his opinion on things. I want to know what goes on in his lovely caring mind.

Hopefully after a few sessions, and time, Master A will start to talk and then he can have fantastic conversations with us. Once he starts to talk, perhaps we would love him to be quiet, Miss A has never stopped talking, she talks constantly!

He did make me cry at the weekend, he asked for something for the first time. He asked for a cuddle! I was so happy to hear him ask for something and what a lovely thing to ask for! The next day he asked for a biscuit! Just a single word each time, no complete sentences, but it is a start!

I love both of my children and I want them to have a fun and enjoyable life..but most of all to be happy and healthy. I am sure being able to talk will help. I bet they will thoroughly enjoy chatting to each other! They love each other very very much!

I will let you all know how it goes. One day we will have a talkative boy. I know boys are known to be not so early talkers but my instincts are telling me that Master A will benefit from speech therapy. I hope this is true!


    • Kelly Wiffin says:

      Thanks for the reassurance. I hope that this is the case for Master A. Can’t wait to have my first conversation with him!

  1. Susan Dougill says:

    Don’t worry, it’s quite common. My son didn’t manage to talk till he was 4 and then not very well. We still managed potty training. You can give him a hand sign so that it’s easier to tell you. Now he never shuts up. You may want to keep an eye out for dyslexia. Speech delay can be a sign off it. The sooner you spot it the more help you can offer. Hope everything goes well but don’t worry, he is a 2nd child and a boy. This in itself can mean delayed speech. He’ll talk when he is ready. Also don’t worry if speech therapy doesn’t go well. My son hated it and they blamed me for everything even though I have since found out he is dyslexic and it is often a symptom. Your a great mum and doing everything you can for him.
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    • Kelly Wiffin says:

      Thanks for replying. Sorry to hear that you got the blame for something clearly not your fault. Some people do that don’t they? I got the blame when feeding both my children, be it BF or bottle feeding and how they reacted. Turned out both had reflux.

      Anyway I will go to the speech therapy session with an open mind and hopefully Master A will speak soon!

      Thanks again, and for being so kind! x

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