The start of the Summer holidays – illness

Today started off as being a good day. Miss A woke up to a parcel. She had won a Barbie doll thanks to Sparkle World Magazine.

She was so over the moon with the Barbie doll. We then went out to get some lunch and some groceries that we needed. Also a few treats like some Shopkins stuff for Miss A and a colouring book for Master A. Miss A came home looking so tired. She looked blotchy. I was starting to worry. She then said that she felt hot and had a headache. She was hot all right, 39.1 degrees c.

She has now gone to bed OK, a lot more with it and a lot less hot. Paracetamol didn’t do anything but the ibuprofen did eventually.

I am hoping that this doesn’t last long, she deserves to be out and about. She has worked so hard at school. We have a six week pass for the local soft play centre. Was a bargain especially since we spend £10 anyway and are bound to go there several times a week, that’s if Miss A..and Master A are OK. He is bound to get it isn’t he? They did share a pasta pot after all. Now that was a special moment, Miss A fed Master A. She said to him “Here comes the aeroplane!” He copied what she said!!! How awesome is that? It wasn’t perfectly clear but he tried. I think that is the longest sentence that he has ever tried to say.

So let’s see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully two healthy children so that we can make use of the passes, maybe not tomorrow but the next day!

Look what Miss A won!


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