Ice skating – I stopped now I am starting again.

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I am going to learn how to ice skate for myself and this lovely girl.

Ice skating – I am not a natural. I am a wuss. I gave ice skating up, apart from taking Miss A every three weeks when my other half is on call. I felt ill even thinking about getting on the ice every week. I am one big wuss. My other half is on level six, I think and Miss A has completed level two.

I have decided to try again. I am now a stone lighter and the last time that I went with Miss A I went on the ice with her determined to stand up. I succeeded.

Now I am still scared about falling, I went to Blackburn Ice Arena last week and I fell. I got up but I think I need to fall several times before I get used to falling. I am not very stable at the moment, I was getting rather good at being stable before I gave up.

I may be scared but I am determined. I am going to go this Sunday with Miss A to her ice skating lesson at Blackpool Arena, a public session on Monday on my own and then I am going to take Master A to the baby and toddler session on the Wednesday. After this time, if I am no better than I don’t know. I think I may need some private lessons.

It is hard being a bit of a wuss. I don’t like it at all, but it is me but I will try and be a stronger and braver person and will start to try and make my life more interesting!

Wish me luck!

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