First session of speech therapy done

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Talk my boy! Talk!

Master A has had his first speech therapy session. It was more of an assessment and action plan but this is what was needed. The speech therapist agreed that there is a problem with Master A’s speech. She gave me a few ideas on what to do to help him speak. Some very good ideas as well.

I got the letter through the post with a summary of the appointment, it made me cry. Reading “…is a lovely little boy who is experiencing significant speech and language delay/disorder” wasn’t something I wanted to read, well apart from the lovely boy part.

I hope that with what they have given me and the fact that he is going to have some sessions to help make sure that what I am doing is right for him, he will soon be talking. The speech therapist is right, he is a lovely boy and certainly deserves to be talking.

Just imagine how much fun him and his sister will have if he was talking..or perhaps they will be arguing?

I have noticed that interactive toys help Master A to at least try to communicate. We have an ELC Phonics Alphabet Desk which a fantastic toy that a child can learn so much using! So I think I need to investigate what other toys can help as well as doing the activities recommended by the speech therapist.

Any recommendations, ideas, suggestions would be very welcome right now. I just want my boy to talk.

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