Confessions of a Summer Parent

We will be doing a lot of this!

We will be doing a lot of this!

The Summer holidays. Oh how I love them! However how random they are! How do I cope with a six year old and an almost three year old? How did I cope in the past? Well I did and I certainly will this year.

Keeping them busy is very very important. So is a little bit of me time. I find it rather easy to have the children in one room and me in the other room. It is easier now both are older and having a six year old to entertain the youngest one is a blessing! I do make sure that I have some me time. When Miss A is at school it is easy to have some me time at the moment, Master A still has naps. I am going to miss those naps.

When they are together, sticking a film on is great! It means that I have a choice to watch the film, get some housework done, or do nothing/something for me! I adore having on-demand TV. We can watch what we like when we like.

I am very lucky that I can take both children shopping, I haven’t properly shopped for clothes in a long time, I just pick things up but general shopping is great. As long as both have a toy to hold/play with or know that they are getting a toy. It means that I can shop during the week when it isn’t so busy.

Indoor play is awesome, I can now let Miss A and Master A just play. I do keep an eye on them but my local one is awesome. It means that I can have that much needed cup of tea in peace.

I have a bit of a confession to make, well two. The first being I sometimes let the kids play/watch a film while I sit at the dining room table to ‘chill out’. I also let them watch YouTube toy unboxing videos. And do you know what, I like them too. I have no idea why but I do.

This year I am planning the six week holidays in advance. I have a folder of printed activities I have found on various websites, colouring pages. I have some new toys stashed so that I can give them to them over the six weeks. That keeps them amused for a while.

I am a big fan of shows and the cinema. We tend to go to a few a year. Luckily Miss A has a few out of school activities and they continue over the holidays. That breaks the day up a bit. Master A comes with us, so he has a change of scenery. Can’t wait for him to have his own hobbies. I hope they are similar to what Miss A likes. Dancing and karate. Would be very handy!

So here are a few things that make my time as a Summer parent that more easy. The most important thing for me as a parent is a decent cup of tea!

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