Educational Play the Schleich Way

schleich, toy animal, plastic toy animal, giraffe, sheep, donkey, educational playMy two were so happy to receive a selection of Schleich toy animals. They were sent them as Schleich have a new campaign all about educational play. This is a fantastic thing! Play is important. As adults, we miss out on so much fun! I am a big kid and I love playing with my two! We really love Schleich here. We have a few products already so was really happy to receive the items we did.

There are lots and lots of products to choose from and you can really build a fantastic collection. We have lots planned for our new additions. We will be blogging more about the adventures we have shortly.

Schleich have been in existence for over 80 years. That’s a long time! They have made a fab brochure to help with educational play. The brochure gives some fantastic ideas on what to do with the lovely animals as well as other activities. I will be including some examples of these on my blog shortly.

Both my two love their Schleich animals and they are excited about the fact that I am going to be getting them some more. They are truly lovely toys and I must add to their collection.

So if you want to see more about these lovely Schleich products, then keep an eye out as we will be sharing our adventures!

To find out more about Schleich then visit


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