Mr Frosty review

Oh a blast from the past. Not my past mind you. I never was lucky enough to have one of these wonderful slushy makers but a friend did and I really wanted one but for some reason never got one…I probably wanted lots and lots of toys when I was little but I remember being wowed by Mr Frosty.

Now I have been given the chance to have a Mr Frosty! Oh sorry, for my two lovely children to have a Mr Frosty. I can secretly make my own slushy when Master A is having a nap can’t I?!

What’s inside the box? Well of course you get a Mr Frosty, two ice cube trays, lolly mould that makes three ice lollies, a penguin juice squirter, two bowls and two spoons. All you need for a cool refreshing slushy!

Mr Frosty has been revamped and they have made it easier for children to use. Just make sure that you leave the ice out of the freezer for a while, 30 minutes should do it.

What does Miss A think of Mr Frosty? She loves him. Master A is amazed by him. They both love the end result – a refreshing slushy!

Mr Frosty does not come with syrups which is great as you can choose what to use, so you can be as healthy as you like. I like to make sure that the children have healthy drinks. My choice but it means that they can have treats that are food – they like their chocolate.

It is a fantastic time to get your own Mr Frosty as the weather is getting warmer (unless you live in Preston) and you don’t even have to be a kid to enjoy it. Time to make more ice cubes – perhaps I should make ones that are not for child consumption! 😉

Seriously though – I think every child should have a Mr Frosty! I can see him being used for many years to come. He is awesome!
Find out more about Flair’s range of creative products for children here

You can buy Mr Frosty from Smyths Toys and The Entertainer.

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