Shopkins fun – Netti Spaghetti on a plate of spaghetti!

Miss A is Shopkins mad. She loves them. She has a few, not a lot but I have a secret stash of new ones to give her as and when I want to give them to her. I am collecting Season 3 and Season 4 Shopkins.

I just don’t want to give them to her in the packs but want to make it fun for her so I am thinking of ways to theme the giving of most of the Shopkins I get for her.

One of the ones I got for Miss A was Netti Spaghetti. Not too imaginative for this one but we had spaghetti yesterday and it seemed just a nice simple thing to put Netti Spaghetti on the plate and see how long Miss A took to spot her. Was instant but her reaction was fantastic! She was so surprised and happy to have another Shopkin.

I will be a little bit more imaginative with some of them, I think. But at least this is more imaginative than just giving her the blind bags and packs to open. I do like the idea of the blind bags by the way, I will get her some Shopkins to open normally too. I wish we had some of the Seasons 1 and 2. She is desperate to have a Strawberry Kiss, Apple Blossom and Kooky Cookie.

She has a Shopkins Cupcake Queen cafe which she loves. She wants the whole set of playsets and well everything Shopkins. Think she really is addicted!

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Shopkins Netti Spaghetti on a plate of spaghetti

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