An update – ice skating and life

Hello all.

I wanted to start blogging properly again, life got in the way again. I have been poorly and too busy with birthdays, ice skating and life!

Miss A is now 6 and I am now…erm..34.

However things are slowing down. I am feeling a bit better. I do have an xray on Friday as the doctor thinks I have something wrong with my cervical spine.

Ice skating, I am slowly improving. I haven’t fallen over yet. I have been too cautious. It turns out that I can’t get up if I did upper body strength is non-existent. I can pull myself up using the sides of the rink. This is no good and I need to work on my upper body strength. I have been referred for physio so perhaps this will improve in time.

I have a fear of falling over still. I am not going to give up learning to ice skate though. I hope that the doctor/physiotherapist doesn’t tell me that I am not supposed to ice skate. I have bought padded pants to help me not damage my coccyx again, I damaged them when I had that bicycle accident.

So all in all, life is OK. Roll on Friday. I am very bad at waiting for tests to be done and even worse waiting for the results!ice skates, ice skating, skating, skates,


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