Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark – a hidden gem?

blackpool sandcastle waterpark, blackpool sandcastle, waterpark, water park, blackpool blackpool hidden gem, travelodge, water funBlackpool Sandcastle Waterpark…Miss A’s favourite place in Blackpool. She loves going there with her Daddy.

I never thought she would love the water let alone going down the slides at Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark. I was wrong, very wrong. Miss A even goes down some all by herself. She is much braver than me. I used to love water slides when I was younger but I have got a bit of a scaredy cat as I have got older. I don’t like this at all!

So what is Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark? It is the UK’s largest water park. It is amazing! I have been there once. We all went as a family, Master A too. He loved the water. Miss A and her Daddy have been about seven or eight times. Not enough times says Daddy! They have annual passes. Think they may go this weekend now I am blogging about it.

I think it would be great if we all could go to Blackpool and stay over. We can’t, well Miss A and her Daddy could. I shall have to stay here with Master A and look after the dogs. There isn’t a decent cheap dog boarding in Preston. There is a Travelodge right opposite! We usually stay at a Travelodge. Been to quite a few over the years!

They always have something to eat at Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark, usually a sandwich. The kids lunch boxes are really cute! Need to use these for crafts!

Once Master A is older, we will be going as a family more often, then I have to overcome my fears!

Even though I don’t love the water slides, I love Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark as it makes Miss A very happy. Those annual passes were the best things we have bought!


In collaboration with Travelodge.

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