Update – Miss A’s final week in reception

Miss A, age 5, five year old girl, confident five year old

Miss A – lovely girl!

I got poorly. That’s why I haven’t been blogging. Then Miss A got poorly and then it was catch up with everything!

So I am here and I am blogging! Wow! It feels odd. It feels good. It feels fantastic!

So as the title suggests, next week is Miss A’s last week in reception. How time flies. So much has changed since that first day of reception. I have definitely got used to her being at school and I love her being at school. I still miss her terribly and wish she could be at home with us but it makes the time that she is with me and her brother so special.

It will soon be time for Master A to start pre-school. What on earth am I going to do? Be able to blog properly? Maybe! Who knows. Probably will spend the time doing housework, that always gets left to the last minute.

I received Miss A’s report yesterday. It was OK but not great and there were are few ’emerging’ grades instead of ‘expected’. No exceeding marks though. So I am going to make sure that I help her as much as I can from now on. Her report suggests that she is a confident, imaginative and sensible girl that needs help with her reading, writing and maths.

I hope the fact that she is only five, in time, she will improve on these areas and hopefully next year her report will be full of expected and maybe one or two exceeding. To be honest I am so pleased with how much she has changed over the year. She has started dance class and karate and her health has improved so much. Perhaps this has stopped her learning. She spent the first part of her school year being poorly. That has changed so much now!

I am rather proud of her. I love her so much.

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