Boj – Blast off Buddies DVD review

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We love Boj! All of us. So this DVD is fantastic as it means that Miss A and Master A can watch it whenever they like.

The DVD has 10 episodes and bonus material. The bonus material has been saved for next week when we don’t have much planned. We have watched the DVD several times now and both the little ones love watching it.  Master A gets really excited about it all. He screams at the TV (in an excited way) when it is on! He even has started to try and sign the song! Miss A loves singing the song.

The episodes included are:

  • Blast Off Buddies – Denzil accidentally breaks Gavin’s new toy rocket, so Boj comes up with an idea that will make the spacecraft fly.
  • Hoppy Birthday – It’s Rupa’s birthday and Boj has a boj-a-boom idea to help Mia get her an amazing present
  • Flat as a Pancake – It’s a hot day in Giggly Park and Denzil has invited some friends over to play. Boj gets a boj-a-boom idea how to mend the leaky paddling pool with Mrs Woof’s extra sticky pancakes!
  • Carry On Carrot – Mrs Woof makes her big soup but is missing Mr Cloppity’s carrots because his crop has failed
  • Giggly Park Rescue Squad – Denzil, Gavin and Boj rescue the residents of Giggly Park from a variety of mishaps and create a game they can all play happily together
  • The Giggly Dig – The friends want to bury their own time capsules but soon begin to miss the items they put inside them
  • Denzil’s Lost Teddy – Denzil has lost his treasured teddy bear, Snugsy. The Twitchlets have Snugsy and they won’t give him back! How can Boj get him back to Denzil and keep the Twitchlets happy?
  • Boj the Collector – All Boj’s buddies have collections and Boj wants one too. But he loves everything in Giggly Park so much that he can t decide which things to collect
  • Sneezy Snufferoos – To keep birds away, Mr Cloppity hangs out yoghurt pots on string over his seeds and Boj’s friends are ill so can’t come out to play
  • Keep On Going – Boj, Rupa and Gavin are trekking for their Ranger survival badges. When Gavin’s satnav boots go on the blink, Boj has an idea to get them back on track!

As said, we haven’t touched the bonus material but this is what is included:

  • “Theme Tune” Karaoke Music Video
  • The Duckling “Home To Me” Karaoke Music Video
  • Keeping Mr Cloppity “Altogether Now” Karaoke Music Video
  • Printable colouring in sheets – Boj, Denzil, Rupa, Mia & Gavin

I think both Miss A and Master A will love the colouring in sheets while Miss A will love the Karaoke videos. I bet Master A will join in too as he is keen to sing in his own little way. He doesn’t talk yet but he babbles to songs and you can hear what he is trying to sing.

I think Boj is fun to watch. I am rather happy when the little ones are watching it. So if your little one(s) are a Boj fan, I would definitely recommend this DVD.

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