Boob behaving badly

As the title suggests, I have had a very naughty breast. A naughty boob!

A breast that made me go to the doctor who referred me to the hospital for me to see the specialist.

The breast has changed. Got a lot more thicker and more lumpy, sore and had the odd discharge. Doctor wasn’t sure why so yesterday, after about two or three weeks of waiting for the referral appointment and allsorts going through my mind, I had that appointment.

Nervous, me? Definitely. However what will be will be.

The specialist/consultant, whatever he is known as, was a very nice man. Could see where I was coming from and sent me for an ultrasound. No hanging around, made me a little more nervous and fearful of the outcome.

Ultrasound done, went straight back to the room where I was examined. Didn’t have to wait long to find out the results.

Nothing sinister found. He told me to make sure that I check my breasts every month without fail. He could not tell me why my breast was so different to the other. Apparently it can just happen for no reason but I need to make sure that I keep checking it regularly, as well as checking the other one.

While I am discussing health issues, the other stuff that I have posted about is just being ignored for now. I have no severe symptoms and I can lead a relatively normal life whatever is going on.

So all is good in my life.

I hope now that all of this is out of the way, I can have fun with my little family and get back to blogging again. I have missed being a blogger.


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