Why did I mention sleep?

I think I have jinxed things. I am sitting downstairs with Master A who has been doing nothing but screaming, tossing and turning in our bed and being wide awake downstairs for an hour. I have no idea what is wrong with him tonight. Could be teeth…it could be trapped wind because one thing that he has been doing a lot is passing wind.

Wind has been a bit of an issue with Master A from day one. He has a milk allergy and also had reflux as a little baby. I am wondering if he is intolerant to something else. I am not too sure. If he continues to wake like this for days on end without any other symptom, I think it is time to take him back to the paediatrician.

I don’t think it is teething as teething gel didn’t do a thing this time and quite often it does. I am going to get some teething powders in just in case though. I can’t really deal with the lack of sleep. Not when I have so much to do. 

Any tips on what to do to get him sorted then please make contact. 

It is so nice to see him breathe normally, that I am grateful for.

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