Time is not my own

So here I am sitting here looking at my poorly child. He has had a cold for about six weeks now. He has been properly poorly for a week. These past few days he has been terrible. The cough he has is horrific, he isn’t sleeping much at all. He has been prescribed an inhaler to get over it.

I have been a bad blogger. Life is throwing a lot of things my way. I have no time to myself at the moment, not with Master A being so poorly. Not with the house being renovated. It is making me sad. I want to blog again and I will but most of all I want a healthy and happy boy.

He isn’t drinking…he isn’t eating today.

I hope he starts to do both very soon..and sleep!

So I will try and blog soon, so if you are waiting on a review or something, bear with me. Email me if you want an update. Best to email kelly@prestonprecious.com, I will tend to spot your email there, the other email account now gets too much junk!

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