nib nibs bite size straws review


I was send a selection of nib nibs straws to try out. Most of them was consumed by my other half and daughter. They loved them, I liked them too but didn’t really get a chance to have more than one per pack!

They are tasty. I would like them to have a little bit more flavour than what they have, but that’s not to everyone’s liking. I think that if they were more flavoursome, Miss A wouldn’t be so keen on them. So perhaps for keeping it as a snack for the whole family, they are fine the way they are.

I would class these snacks as a treat as they cost £1.79 at the moment which for a savoury snack that doesn’t last very long in this house, is a rather expensive snack to buy.

However I will be buying again as they did go down well with me, Miss A and my other half. So which is my favourite? The chilli ones! They were rather yummy! I think all three of us liked them the most.

They only seem to be stocked in Booths if you live in Preston, like I do but you can also buy them at Aga Foodhall.

To find out more about nib nibs, visit especially to find where you can buy yours!

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