Colic! Happens to older babies too!


Master A had long-term colic for a while but since he was about one, it disappeared. However, recently he has struggled with it again. I remembered that I had a bottle of Mumma Love Organics Baby Massage Oil so I gave that a go. After doing a test patch, I used this on Master A’s tummy. I have never heard him laugh so much in his life! It was just before bedtime so I was a little bit concerned that it would keep him awake. I didn’t need to worry.

Using the oil and massaging his tummy worked a treat. He burped and passed wind within about a minute! His tummy was super-soft too! The Mumma Love Organixs Baby Massage Oil is fantastic. It hasn’t brought out his eczema which is the most important thing to me.

I have used other products on Master A but I do like a variety. If something suits Master A’s skin, then I use it. They do say a variety is the spice of life! Miss A uses a range of bathtime products, so do I. I don’t see why Master A shouldn’t. As long as it doesn’t bring out his eczema then it is good for him!

Mumma Love Organics has fantastic information on their website about baby massage and other tips. Visit their website and try their massage is lovely!

Product was sent for a review, all views my own.

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