Adenoidectomy and general update

Well, what an adventure. I have had my adenoidectomy. Went better than expected. However I did end up getting a nasty bug which resulted in a rather bad chest infection. Ended up in hospital, again, last week when my pulse rate was 140. However I am slowly improving and things are getting better. 

However the big big news that I have to tell you is the results of my adenoidectomy is that what was taken out was benign! I am over the moon about this. They don’t know why I still had adenoids but that doesn’t really matter. So I just have to get the results of my vitamin B12 blood test and then hopefully all will be sorted. Just need to fully get well after this bug. It has been a week and a half already. 

Children are doing rather well. Both have had this bug and Master A is still getting over it. Hopefully soon I will finally be able to do what I said I would be doing and blog more and catch up on some reviews.

It has been a rather difficult adventure this year and to be honest, I am looking forward to the new year. Hopefully next year I won’t have many dramas!

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