Weaning: It is all about the spoons!

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Oh the joys of weaning! I mostly spoon fed Master A (like I did Miss A) while giving a lot of finger food too. Thankfully we are almost good at feeding now. Master A is still a messy little thing when it comes to eating, even when it comes to me spoon feeding him. He gets it all over his mouth, even at 11 months old. So I struggled to find the right spoon for him to minimize the mess. I have tried a few brands but my favourite is definitely Munchkin. Obviously I haven’t tried all brands of spoons. I also won’t name the brands that I do not prefer as they are still reasonably good but I find Munchkin to be better for Master A. All babies are different.

I have two types of spoon that Munchkin make. Both were given to me in hampers sent by the company to test and review. The rest of the items that I have received will be reviewed shortly too..and there will be a few prize draws as well so watch this space!

I received 2 First Weaning Spoons and 4 White Hot™ Safety Spoons. Both are great for Master A. I can get most of the food straight in his mouth all of the time. I think Master A struggles getting his mouth open wide enough for larger weaning spoons. Yes a spoon is a spoon and the others are OK but these are my favourite!

I may of received these for review but I am not lying. These suit Master A so well. I use them all of the time.

To find out more about Munchkin and their fantastic spoons visit https://www.munchkin.eu.com/products/feeding/

To find out where to buy Munchkin spoons visit https://www.munchkin.eu.com/stockists.html


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