Genesis Crafty Bakery products review – pancakes and scones

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I was rather lucky to receive a selection of Genesis Crafty bakery products. These products included pancakes and scones. Oh my goodness, some of these were amazing! I LOVED the chocolate chip pancakes. They are divine! These are my favourite out of the variety of pancakes that we were sent. The plain ones were good too. Not a lover of blueberry so I didn’t enjoy the blueberry pancakes so much. They were OK but not to my taste. If you like blueberries then I would definitely give them a try!

You warm the pancakes by using the oven (under the grill). This makes the chocolate chips of the chocolate chip pancakes melt makes it so yummy. I would say that Genesis Crafty needs to put more chocolate chips in. Yes I know I am a chocolate addict!

We were also sent some scones. I used to have scones a lot when I was younger. As an adult, not so much. I must admit I have missed them and Genesis Crafty scones are rather good! I was sent the cheese and the sultana scones. This suited me rather well as sometimes I crave savoury, sometimes I crave sweet so to have the choice was fab!

Writing this blog post has made me want to get some more scones and chocolate chip pancakes..hope they are in my local Waitrose!

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