Woolly and Tig Songs for Wobbly Moments CD review

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Miss A was rather happy when she received this fantastic Woolly and Tig Songs for Wobbly Moments CD . She wanted me to play it straight away.

This CD has 20 songs on it.

  • Big Stomps
  • If There Wasn’t a “No”
  • The Thunder Bang Song
  • Funky Dunky
  • Bunches
  • Rubba Dubba Rock
  • I Like Monsters
  • Counting Kisses
  • I Love Woolly
  • Holidays
  • Elves & Shoemaker
  • Give a Smile
  • Weenie Worries
  • I Love Mummy
  • Mairi’s Wedding
  • Cheeky Wee Echo
  • One More Step
  • Agree to Disagree
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Counting Kisses [Woolly’s Solo]

Miss A danced, sang and was so happy throughout the entire CD. She also got another Woolly toy. My parents bought her one. She loves Woolly and Tig. Master A loves the programme too. I told her she has to give one to Master A. She gave him her old one and kept the new one for herself. I have marked the label and both children are happy with their Woolly toys.

This CD is fantastic as you can play the songs when things happen. I will definitely keep this CD near the computer/laptop and will play it whenever Miss A wants and whenever there is something happening that one of the songs is about. The thunder song would be quite good. We sometimes get thunder during the warmer months.

Some of the songs are really catchy! I have the Bunches song in my head quite often! The CD is released on the 7th July. I think it is a must for any Cbeebies and Woolly and Tig fan. Miss A loves it! You can buy it from Amazon and iTunes

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