Recipe: Quorn Cottage Pie

So I was challenged by Quorn to try out a recipe from their website. I decided to cook Quorn Cottage Pie.

Now I have a bit of a confession here, after accepting the challenge, my freezer started to break. So we are trying frantically to empty it. Things do not defrost, but the alarm beeps every day, usually at the same time of the day so I think it could be the weather. So doing this challenge was a little hard.

We do use Quorn regularly but are not experimental with it at all. We just add the mince and chicken style pieces to sauces and that is it. So this challenge made me realise exactly how versatile Quorn can be and made me really want to experiment with it (once the freezer is sorted, I am thinking of just binning whatever is left to be honest and defrosting it to see if it fixes the issues).

We didn’t have the parsnips so we added more potato. I am not a good cook, however I was rather pleased with how this tasted. The recipe was rather easy to follow. There are some meals I have cooked where I panic because there is too many things to do, this recipe is not one of them! Was so easy to get everything cooked and served. The only thing I had trouble with was putting the potato on the top. I think I will use a piping bag next time. Really don’t know why I didn’t think of using one first of all! So the presentation wasn’t the best..far from it! But we all ate it and Miss A enjoyed eating most of hers too.

The Quorn website, I must admit, is a bit confusing on a phone, I expected the link to the recipe to show that recipe only, but it expands the recipe but shows photos of the others..not a lover of that. Too noisy. I think I will print the recipe next time I want to cook it. I prefer it on paper than on a phone anyway.

I can’t find the photo of the cottage pie..probably good job! I will definitely cook this recipe again (and add parsnips to it) and will update this blog post. Will take more time on the presentation next time!


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