Rash be gone!

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My favourite photo of Miss A when she has been poorly.

Miss A is going through a bit of a bad time with her health at the moment, nothing serious but it seems that she keeps on picking up viruses and bugs. She is at preschool and I am thinking that she must be susceptible to things at the moment.

She used to be so healthy when she wasn’t at preschool, now she is mostly poorly with rashes, dodgy tummy and raised temperatures. It is so annoying that she seems to be off preschool more than at preschool at the moment. She only has two weeks at preschool left, I wanted her to have a fantastic last few weeks there but it would seem that she is going to be off again!

Today she said she is poorly, she said she is so tired. I checked her temperature, normal. I noticed that she had a bit of a rash on her neck and lifted her top up and it is spread across her tummy. Not completely covering it but the fact that she is tired and not very full of life today, I suspect it is a viral rash more than a heat rash.

And while writing this, I have phoned her preschool and she is to be off today. I have a telephone consultation with the nurse today and I am going to see if I can find out what I can do to try and work out why she is poorly so much. I know children do pick up allsorts but I personally think that Miss A gets poorly way too easily.

I hope this sorts itself out before she starts primary school as I don’t think they will like it if she was poorly all of the time!

I hope this just lasts a day or so!

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