Numb tingling arm..wonder why?

For about a month now, my arm has been numb and tingling. It is my left lower arm. My left leg is sometimes the same. The arm is a permanent thing. Then all of a sudden I sometimes get a wave of tingling on my arms, legs etc it soon goes. This happens every day and sometimes more than once a day. I have been to the doctor, had blood tests. Doctor labelled my blood test with the condition of paresthesia. Doctor did mention trapped nerve but I don’t think it is because of the wave of tingling.

So why am I blogging about it? Well I am still waiting on the rheumatoid tests but the others are completely normal. Not 100% sure what they tested for but there were a few boxes ticked on the blood test form. So I am wanting to find out whether any of you have any idea what it could be? Had similar? Had a diagnosis. I don’t want to sit and wait for the rheumatoid tests as I bet they will be clear too.

Happy about my blood tests being normal, but not happy with the fact that I don’t really know what is causing it and obviously would like to know. So lovely people, any ideas?

Thanks x


  1. Tedi Williams-Posladek says:

    Hi Kelly, I had similar symptoms last year for several months. It was trapped nerves in my neck causing tingling and pain down my arm to my hand. Constant use of the computer at a bad desk setting where my arms were extended continued to aggravate the condition. I had to use my computer on my lap and keep my arm and shoulders relaxed in addition to chiropractic adjustments. Could not lift anything and had to limit the use of the arm plus ice on the neck to reduce swelling. Thankfully, I’m fine now but am more careful about how I use the computer and try to get up frequently and if anything starts feeling wrong I plan to address it rather than ignore it in the future. Good luck. Hope you find your answers.

    • kelly says:

      Thanks for replying! This is just my lower arm and not my hand but I think you are right, it could be a trapped nerve. Think I need to get some treatment soon, it is driving me a bit mad now!

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