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I was sent three months of Nonabox subscription boxes to review and I have decided to do just one blog post for the entire subscription as I have my reasons.

Firstly to find out about Nonabox, please visit

The boxes I receveived were (and some the contents)

Medela – PureLan Cream
Turtle Tots – Neoprene Swim Nappy
Zinplex Junior – Immune System Booster
Shea Mooti stretch mark oil
Imago Dei baby trousers
Templar Publishing – Me, by Emma Dodd

Vital Touch – Baby Massage Book
Vital Touch – Baby Massage Oil
Natalhypno – Pregnancy Relax CD
Maison – Bébé buggy clips
Smallprint – Magic Inkless Kit
The Nonabox Bag!

Puckababy – Sleepaid book
Thorntons – Continental Thorntons
9bar – Energy bar
Usborne – That’s not my hamster

Little Grippers Baby Socks with Stay On Technology
Vertbaudet – Bodysuit
Jack N´Jill – Toothpaste
Viking Toys – Mini Chubbies
Pasito a Pasito – Spoon
Templar Publishing – You, by Emma Dodd
Goodies Red Berry Burst Rice Cakes
Nonabox – Love Cards

I must admit I was not particularly happy with the boxes I have received as quite a lot of the products received were not suitable or impressive. I am sorry to say this but it is how I felt at the time in receiving them.

The December box. Receiving the Medela PureLan cream is great but I am not breastfeeding. The swim nappy was pink, Master A is a boy. The Zimplex vitamins, I have a problem with receiving things that I know nothing about especially when it isn’t from, say Boots. I am afrad the Zimplex products went in the bin because I do not like receiving medicines and vitamins via the internet. My opinion. The Shea Mooti stretch mark oil is fab! Love it. The baby trousers were not my style I am afraid so they went to charity. Me by Emma Dodd is a lovely book.

The January box. The Vital Touch Baby Massage Book is handy but to receive this as part of a package is not something I would of wanted, you can get the information from the health visitor or on the internet. The Vital Touch Baby Massage Oil is nice. I like this. The Natalhypno Pregnancy Relax CD is not relevant at all as I am pregnant, this is going to be given away as a prize draw on the blog. The Maison Bébé buggy clips snapped within days of receiving them. You really can’t beat a My Buggy Buddy as a buggly clip. Smallprint Magic Inkless Kit is still in its packet waiting for a special occasion. I like this, this was my favourite item in the whole box. The Nonabox Bag, well not really worth much to me as it is just a cheap bag.

The February box. The Puckababy Sleepaid book just seemed to be a promotional book and again any sleep issues can be sorted elsewhere, by contacting the health visitor or using the internet. The Thorntons Continental chocolates although were nice, I think it is just a way to make the box seem more expensive than what it actually is. The 9bar was nice but not sure what it is doing in a baby box. The Usborne That’s not my hamster baby book, a nice addition. Love books. The Waterwipes were nice. I quite like Waterwipes. I also got a hat and bib but these did not fit Master A at all. Also there was a sheep that played white noise. This was a nice little thing and if I didn’t already have Ewan the Sheep, I would of been a lot more excited. I think the sheep would of been useful for a box that is sent in the first month or the month before, not for a five month old baby.

The March box. The Little Grippers Baby Socks with Stay On Technology almost cut off Master A’s circulation, they were so tight on him I only used them once. The Vertbaudet Bodysuit was too small for Master A. It is such a lovely little bodysuit too so it was a shame. The Jack N´Jill Toothpaste, well Master A doesn’t have any teeth so I have not been able to try it on him at the moment, Miss A hasn’t tried it yet as she has lots of toothpaste to use up first. Viking Toys Mini Chubbies was a nice little addition, Master A likes this and so does Miss A. Pasito a Pasito Spoon, this isn’t useful until Master A is a year old so not really tailored to his stage. The book You by Emma Dodd is lovely! The Organix Goodies Red Berry Burst Rice Cakes are not suitable for Master A as he is too young. Miss A enjoyed them. The Nonabox Love Cards, not something I like I am afraid. They went in the recycling.

I also received a box that had everything in but I can’t find a list for that and my photos don’t really show what was in it.

So as you can read, I am not really happy with the Nonabox. If I received these boxes as a present from a loved one, I would be a bit disappointed for them and for me. However I think the boxes after have improved, go and see for yourself! There are other bloggers that have reviewed the recent ones.

Perhaps it is just me, perhaps I expected too much, but when I received things that were not for Master A’s stage, it kind of defeated the whole purpose of the Nonabox scheme.  They do say on their website:

Nonabox accompanies you through your pregnancy and your baby´s first two years

Every month we send a box full of specially selected top-quality products, chosen for youand reflecting your stage of motherhood, from pregnancy through your baby’s first two years… The total value of the box is always superior to that of the subscription cost!


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Some, but not all, of the products that were sent

So to sum up, I did like a few of the products but quite a few of them are not to my taste or suitable for Master A at the time. I don’t think I would recommend this subscription to anyone based on my experience of the boxes sent. Sorry Nonabox!

There are plenty more reviews from bloggers so go and have a look at them before making your mind up. This is just my opinion. I tell the truth on how I feel on my blog. Other people may have a different opinion!

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  1. Carly says:

    Good honest review – I was actually a paying customer but got so fed up with the shambles that went on and the products that I was being sent – it was a joke! I switched to Sassy Bloom after my friend told me she was with them – it’s a totally different experience – I couldn’t reccomend them enough

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