Old Macdonald had a farm, Parragon Books. A baby book review.

parragon books, old macdonald had a farm, baby book, board book, finger puppet, finger puppet book, books, reading, reading to babies, I have started to read books to Master A and one of the books that I have read to him is this lovely book, Old Macdonald had a farm by Parragon Books. This book is part of the little learners range. I love baby books and so does Master A. He always has a smile on his face when I read to him. He especially loves these kind of books, the ones with finger puppets in the middle of them! I shall try and get a video of Master A’s reaction when I read books to him but I use reading time as quiet and bonding time.

This lovely little book, Old Macdonald had a farm, has a lovely cow finger puppet. The cow finger puppet is the head of the cow and each page makes use of the finger puppet. I love the detailing of this book. I love the fact that Parragon has used what looks like photographs for the straw, stones and grass but have animated the characters and buildings. I love the fact that this book introduces the popular song of Old Macdonald had a farm! Singing on it’s own is great but singing and reading a book is much more fun!

The RRP of this book is £3.99 which is worth it! Master A really does like this book!

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