My mental health and the fact that I think Katy Perry is fantastic

I can see the blue is coming!

I can see the blue sky…it is coming!

Katy Perry’s songs mean a lot to me. Two in particular. Roar and Firework. At the moment I am feeling a bit down. To be honest, I haven’t been completely right since the gallbladder issues and a lot has happened since then. Poorly children, Master A with his milk allergy, longer lasting colic and reflux, meningitis scare and Miss A had a bit of a meningitis scare the other week. Miss A is off preschool with a virus, apart from a dodgy tummy and a change in behaviour (tired and grumpy) she has been OK. Also my dad dying in February. I am really missing him at the moment.

I play Roar when I am a bit angry, with others (hardly ever angry with other people) and myself or just because I love it! Today, I think Firework is appropriate. I have to make a few changes now. I have to do so much to sort a lot of issues out. I have to better myself. I am important, even if I am just important to my two children. I want to do so many things but I am not doing a fraction of the things I need and want to do. Both kids seem happy so that is the main thing…well Miss A isn’t particularly happy at the moment but she is not well. Master A is a happy boy. I have a lot of love for those two. A lot of love for the rest of my family.

It is time to make a few changes.

I had to put this on my blog as this is important to me. I hope that this is a start can I put it..a new beginning. I will be blogging about the changes that I make to my life. Now I am getting excited!

Positive mental attitude! I need more of that!

So here you go..Katy Perry, Firework!


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