Good dog, bad dog.

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Well what can I say about our two dogs? Well they are both very good with people and our dog Tyson is a very good boy. Tilly on the other hand is a moo! More about why Tilly is a moo later on but for now, let’s focus on the good dog, Tyson.

We got Tyson when he was about 7 months old. The family behind us knocked on our door to see if we wanted a dog, after sorting a few things out we got our lovely dog. He is an amazing dog. He never bites, growls or harms anyone or anything. I am not too sure why he is such a wonderful dog, not sure what we have done to deserve him. He is almost too good. He used to suffer from separation anxiety, so did Tilly. They are much better now thankfully.

One thing he does do, is he sometimes fails to do a poo in the garden..I take him out, he does a wee but if I don’t force him to stay out there and do what I know he needs to do and I get distracted or something, he does it in the house sometimes. Drives me mad that he comes running inside even though he needs to do both! I have antibacterial cleaner so I am not devastated that he does this sometimes.

As said I am not too sure why Tyson is such a good boy. We let him do quite a lot that some dog owners do not let their dog do. He is free to sleep on our bed and he is welcome on the sofa. Both dogs are! I doubt that is the reason why he is so good. Perhaps it is because we all give him..and Tilly lots of cuddles? Who knows. Now time for Tilly. Tilly, oh Tilly…why are you so different?!

Tilly is actually a very good dog. I have two main requirements, to be good with other dogs and to be fantastic with children. She is both them and more. She is the most affectionate jack russell I have ever met. She is fantastic with Tyson and is brilliant with the children. There is two things that get to me though. She destroys things that belong to the children, OK that is the terrier in her and the biggest thing that she does wrong is run away!

If Tilly is not on her lead, she will go. I am not sure why she runs away but she does. We treat her the same as we treat Tyson. He has never run away. So unfortunately, before she sets foot outside, she has to have a lead put on her. This makes me sad as she deserves a good run in the garden, to play with Tyson. We don’t have proper fencing in the back garden so we can’t let her off the lead. She is on an extendable lead but that isn’t good enough.

I think the main reason why they are different is the breed. There isn’t that much difference between them but Tyson is better than Tilly.

I am not too sure why Tilly and Tyson are so lovely. I suppose it is because I love them dearly and I am a firm believer in when you give love, you get love.

This blog post is for Direct Blinds who are running a Facebook competition at the moment about naughty pets. I received a lovely selection of products for my dogs and to clean up after them.


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