The Gallery: Breathe

I wasn’t too sure what photo to include for this weeks The Gallery, Breathe. Then I remembered this one. This spider was heading towards Master A. I know that most spiders are OK in this country but I totally and utterly freaked out but then soon sorted myself out and managed to catch the thing and take outside. I asked Twitter about what type of spider that this could be and I contacted a spider organisation and they told me that it was a type of false widow spider, not the one that caused all of the hysteria in the news. According to him, the media made the false widow spider the most terrifying spider in the UK and apparently it is not. However I was’t going to take any chances and have since collected all the spiders that I have seen (in a glass) and put them outside!

So, after catching this spider, I could breathe properly again…I don’t like spiders!

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