Foods to eat while having gallstone issues

As some of you know I had my gallbladder out in December. I spent three months in and out of hospital with gallstone attacks, ERCPs being done and whatever else occuring.

My diet was very limited during this time. I lost a lot of weight during this time, way too quickly. So I thought I would share the kind of foods that I could have. So here is a list of foods that I could eat during the time that I was having gallstone attacks..please note that these foods could still aggravate you but it didn’t for me.

New York Bakery bagels with Flora Light.
Toast with Flora Light
Total Greek Yogurt
Danone Danio yogurts
Those fat free yogurts that are in Preston Hospital, not too sure of the brand.
Batchelors Tomato, Onion and Herb pasta sauce with Flora Light.
Toast with Flora Light and strawberry jam

I couldn’t eat much to be honest as all sorts of things gave me attacks. I had a very bad attack by eating a jacket potato and beans. So I avoided beans and potatoes. I had another attack with spicy pasta sauce.

All the foods mentioned, I couldn’t of lived without. I especially couldn’t of lived without Flora Light. Made my toast, bagels and pasta meals taste much better.

I didn’t really eat much more than that. I shall add to the list once I remember what else I ate and got away with. I often didn’t eat anything as I was getting a bit bored of what I could and couldn’t eat, plus I was in hospital a lot of the time. They hardly ever had low fat vegetarian meals!

Note: I am not being paid to mention these brands. I bought and ate these foods while I was at my worst with my gallstones.

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