Watchbot Home Security Camera review and a chance to win some Watchbot products!

This could be the solution to a lot of things in my life. This WatchBot Home Security Camera has helped me keep check on Mister A and has helped me see if I can work out what is wrong with him in his cot. I failed to wake up in time to do this and he was already properly screaming. So now it sits on our Tilly’s crate and is keeping an eye on them! The picture quality is rather good, I am very impressed of the quality at night time. See this photo of Master A:

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Our dogs suffer from separation anxiety so to be able to see what they are doing will be fantastic and I think the talk back is rather good but does make my dog bark more! Oops! So I think I will use it for when we are out and want to check on the dogs and then when Master A is in his own room, we will probably use it for checking on him.

It is very reassuring to have a camera that you can connect to when out and about. I often worry about the house when we go away (which is rare). This will help me be less worried. We don’t have much to steal anyway, unfortunately! Or fortunately!

I have to tell you about a prize draw that WatchBot are running. They are giving you the chance to win £600 worth of Watchbot products. This will be 4 WatchBots and a free Mobile App.

To enter complete the Rafflecopter widget!

Note: I am just sharing the widget so I am not in control of this prize draw and WatchBot receive all entries and your details. The end date for this is the 26th May 2014.

To find out more about the WatchBot Home Security Camera visit

A bit more about WatchBot:


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