Postman Pat Showbiz Pat review

There was once a time where Miss A didn’t dance. I was concerned. Most of the children and even babies I know love to dance. Not Miss A. This changed with thanks to Showbiz Pat!

Showbiz Pat is obviously a dancing and singing Postman Pat toy. He sings/plays three songs. In some ways it is a shame that there isn’t more variety but then Miss A has learnt when her favourite song will play, Hey Mr Postman! She loves it and she dances so well to it. She certainly has found her rhythm too!

Showbiz Pat is part of Miss A’s bedtime routine. She dances to a few songs either before her story. It is amazing that she settles for a story after all that dancing, perhaps she has energy that she needs to get rid of!

When asked whether I would review Showbiz Pat, I thought that it would not go down well with Miss A. I thought after a day or two she would get bored of it but I was very much mistaken. I am rather pleased! I am so pleased that he plays a huge part of her life, her bedtime routine too, which is rather important!

In terms of the toy itself, he is very well made. I love the fact that even though he is a toy that moves, he still is cuddly and Miss A loves giving him a cuddle. The way he moves is rather funny, I giggled a little when I first saw him dance.

Now I know not many children will have Showbiz Pat as part of their bedtime routine but this toy is great for any time of the day and any child. The fact that he got Miss A dancing is amazing. Perhaps he will do the same for another child?

I will get a video of her dancing to him but in the meantime, look how happy Miss A is when she got Showbiz Pat!showbiz pat, character online, postman pat, dancing postman pat, singing postman pat, special delivery service, hey mr postman, toy, cbeebies,

To celebrate Postman Pat: The Movie which will be in cinemas nationwide on 23rd May Character Options has released Showbiz Pat
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