#MorrisonsMum – A visit to Morrisons in Preston

Well being told I was a #MorrisonsMum was a fantastic opportunity but little did I know the whole experience would be a rushed job due to a very upset Master A. No matter what I could do, he would not stop crying or making everyone know that he wasn’t a happy boy. So due to this, I couldn’t really enjoy the experience of shopping in Morrisons. However we did get some peace beforehand in their cafe. Being vegetarian, it is important to have some good vegetarian options. There were a few on the menu.

So the shopping itself. I did enjoy shopping at Morrisons. I was very impressed with the way that they keep their fruit and vegetable fresh. The layout of Morrisons was rather good. I found everything that I needed. In terms of the price, well we usually shop at various places. Not all of the things we buy come from the main grocery stores but places like Home Bargains, B&M Bargains and places like that. I suppose being a full-time mum, I have the chance to shop around. Sometimes I don’t get the products at it’s cheapest, it all depends on where we are at the time. Morrisons unfortunately is rather out the way for us and there are other grocery stores and online shops that are much more convienient. What we need to have is a Morrisons in the centre of Preston, then I am sure that I will go more often. Sorry Morrisons!

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Keeping the vegetables fresh?!

In terms of it’s cheaper prices, that’s a difficult one as for some reason I can’t find my receipt. I was going to compare the prices of the things that we bought against the online receipts we have at Asda. However that is impossible. I know that we spent over £20 more than what we were given so that makes the shop cost £100. We usually spent about £40 more than that in a MONTHLY shop. I know that in terms of the baby food, they were the same or very similar price to what I can get in Asda. spent more time in that department than anywhere else, due to having to give Master A his bottle. Yes there were some savings that I took advantage of, namely two of my favourites..



Due to a still upset Master A, I didn’t have time to take photos of what we bought. We shopped as we normally do and not many luxury items were bought. The fact that we spent over £100 was a little bit shocking but we did need a few items that day as we hadn’t done a big grocery shop for a week and a half.  If only I could find the receipt and then I could go into more detail. It was with the other half the last time I saw it so it is his fault! If I find it, not looking hopeful as he has been to London so it is probably in the rubbish tip there, I will update this blog post about what we did save on and I will add another blog post with a recipe as there are a few things in the freezer that I can make something out of.

After shopping at Morrisons, we didn’t expect our daughter to consume a coin at home and me spending half the night in a&e because of it. This spoiled the plans for our special day on Monday, the day when my other half had to go to London for the week. So there will be no special recipe posted. Also the fact that my other half lost/had his phone stolen, made this week rather stressful. I didn’t sleep at all well for two nights as on that phone were photos of when Master A in hospital, the day he was born. Luckily I eventually got them back, on Thursday. This didn’t do my energy levels and inspiration for cooking any favours!

The days that I cooked for Miss A during the week were nothing to write about. Just standard food. Solo parenting is difficult, especially when I had another challenge on my hands…to get the house decluttered before my other half came home. So for that reason, this blog post is just about the shopping experience of Morrisons. My plans for cooking were on Monday but I was too tired to do anything. So forgive me Morrisons for not being of the right mind to enjoy my bank holiday!

The experience was OK, Morrisons had all that we needed. I suppose the prices were average, not as expensive as some places but some products I can get cheaper. Yes there were some products that were cheaper, I did like the deal they had on for the nappies. Three packs for £10. So we bought them.

Unfortunately being a #MorrisonsMum is great but being a normal mum has to take priority. With the week I have had, I am afraid that this experience was nice but the events on the day and after really changed my plans on what I was going to do, but that is life!

Maybe I failed at being a #MorrisonsMum but this experience has proved to me how stressful being a mum and shopping with two small children can be. Would I change it? No way! I love my children dearly and they are not a handful all of the time, just some of the time.  I am sure that if there wasn’t a tight deadline on visiting Morrisons, we would of had a better experience. However there was a deadline but never mind!

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