St Helen’s Farm Goats’ Milk products review

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I was sent a lovely selection of St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk products to try out.

What can I say, I was rather concerned about trying them, my Mum warned me that goats’ milk tasted horrible. This was many years ago though so I decided to try the products. And I was so pleasantly surprised! Every single product that I tried was absolutely delicious!

I unfortunately didn’t get round to experiment with them as it was the time when my Dad died. I am looking forward to getting some more products to experiment!

I loved them all but my favourite was the St Helen’s Farm Blossom Honey Goats Milk Yogurt! I never used to like honey but this is divine! In fact all the yogurts were yummy!

They are a little bit pricey compared to their far less superior cows milk based (usually supermaket own brand) alternative that we usually buy but I shall be buying these as a treat! I am going to buy my Mum some products so she can try them when I visit her in May. I am a goats’ milk lover, wonder if these St Helen’s Farm products can make my Mum be one too! Love you Mum! xx

Oh and thanks St Helen’s Farm for the mugs and the goat soft toy. That has been claimed by Miss A! The badges have gone astray, somewhere!

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