Silentnight and National Bed Month

So March was National Bed Month. Somebody could of told Master A this, I spent all of March being woke up between the hours of 11:30am and 4am and having to go downstairs with him as he would not go back to sleep in his cot. That is a different blog post and was blogged about yesterday so we don’t need to talk about this any more!

Silentnight have been very good to me and sent me a lot of things to try and help me sleep. I must admit if I didn’t have Master A, I would sleep like a log, all night! I love my sleep but used to get up at 7am, I am a morning person, not a night time person! The things included in the goodies were a lovely selection of Warburtons products.


Silentnight have carried out a survey for National Bed Month and they have revealed some interesting stats about the sleep and breakfast habits of our nation. Some of these are as follows.

According to Silentnight’s findings, Britons spend more time checking emails and using the internet each morning than taking care of their appearance, eating breakfast or spending time with their family – The internet is a big thing nowadays isn’t it?! Without the internet, I would not be blogging, chatting on Twitter nor instantly sharing photos of my little ones to my family. It can be quite time consuming and addictive though!

After getting out of bed, more than half of those polled check emails, 48 per cent use the internet and 47 per cent watch TV – I must admit, I tend to use the internet when I get out of bed but that is because that is when Miss A is still asleep. I daresay that will change when she starts primary school!

A third of people admitted they were too busy in the morning to shave or put on make up, while almost a fifth went without breakfast in favour of more sleep –  Well I rarely use make up. I should do. In terms of having more sleep..I wish!

Even though I have Master A stopping me from sleeping, I thought I would share Silentnight’s Dr Nerina’s Top Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

One of these certainly helps me keep going at lunch time!


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