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I was sent a miamoo Travel Set to try on Master A. Master A has eczema and has only been using prescription products so far. His eczema was getting worse and because I was frightened to try anything else other than what the doctor gave me, we ended up having to get him some hydrocortisone cream. I only put the cream on him once and only in a test patch. I hated the fact that he had to have this. However as said, I only put it on him once and in one place as after tweeting that I am testing miamoo on the parts that are not red raw, miamoo tweeted back to say that I really should use the miamoo products all over and not use the hydrocortisone cream. So that I did. I followed the steps recommended to me and we use four out of the six products religiously. Even though Master A is not at the moment completely free of eczema, I think something is irritating him and after speaking to miamoo, they recommended washing balls, which I will be ordering today, as you can see in this picture, it is working. Working more than what the hydrocortisone would do in such a short space of time. This is after three days, all thanks to the miamoo routine:

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The routine that we have been following, which has been recommended by miamoo is
1) Exfoliating wash – I have been using splashy wash for washing Master A’s body and hair. However I have also started to use fresh locks on his hair as it contains lavender and as I mostly bath Master A in the evening, that should help send him to sleep!
2) Moisturise I use huggy lotion during the day and treat the bad areas with cheeky cream
3) Massage – I apply baba oil all over Master A at night time, every night!

What you can’t really see in the pictures is that Master A’s neck was totally red raw. Now, perfectly normal skin. He does get a little flare up but that is because he is teething but the red patch on his tummy is so much better. It was really rough to feel and is now smooth.

If I had to choose a favourite, goodness me, I love four of them and I really like the rest but I especially love the baba oil as that is the product that benefits Master A the most as not only does it heal his skin, it also gives us a bit of time to properly bond and make him all relaxed. It has lavender in it, so that is good for his sleeping.

I really love miamoo. I would recommend anyone that has eczema to try the whole range and the travel set is perfect for this. I am now going to buy four out of the six products straight away and perhaps later on, will buy the rest. I am so thankful to miamoo for giving me the courage not to use the hydrocortisone cream. I didn’t want to use it but really did think that this was the only thing that would make Master A’s eczema better. I was definitely wrong and I am so happy I was wrong.

miamoo is the best skincare routine for Master A and his eczema. This makes me a very happy mum!

To find out more and to buy visit https://www.miamoo.co.uk

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