Mia Tui Ella bag review and discount code!

I was kindly sent a Mia Tui Ella bag to review. I have already got a Mia Tui Grace bag, which I do love but I really needed something bigger as now I have two children, both need something and the Grace wasn’t big enough for all the bits that I want to carry.

I am so pleased to say that the Mia Tui Ella has met all my needs and more! I LOVE it! It is well designed and is the kind of bag that I love. I love the fact that it has enough room and I love the different sections it has. I think the two bags that come with it is superb, although one has been claimed by my daughter and she puts her pencils in it. Must get it back!

The material is well made. The fact it is faux leather, makes me rather happy. I am vegetarian and do not buy or own anything that is leather. My choice but it is really great that I can own a bag that doesn’t get soaked because it is made of canvas. It rains a lot in Preston. Too much!

I love the inside of the bag, you can find pictures of the inside of the bag on the Mia Tui website. My bag is full of stuff at the moment and I am not going to empty it!

Now I have two Mia Tui bags. I do love the Grace bag, as a handbag. I have all the bags I need for travelling to the shops. I have even used both for shopping and used the Grace for putting my shopping in but generally the Grace is my handbag, the Ella is my baby (and child!) bag.

Here is a picture of my bag.

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Mia Tui Ella bag

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