MAM Steriliser Set, Perfect Soother, 0+ Soother and Anti-Colic bottles review

We were sent a MAM manual breast pump, some soothers (including a MAM Perfect soother), a MAM steriliser and some MAM anti-colic bottles to test out. Master A is a lot better at feeding than what Miss A was. He does have a milk allergy and reflux but this doesn’t stop him from eating very well.

I breastfed Master A for a week and a bit and then expressed my milk up until I ended up in hospital with gallbladder/gallstone issues when he was two and a half weeks. I used an electric pump and also MAM manual breast pump. I found the manual pump got more milk sooner than what the electric pump did. This is probably because it did the job a bit more forceful whereas the electric pump seemed to be too gentle. I had another manual pump but didn’t get on with that at all.

As said, I gave up expressing as I was too ill and taking medication that I couldn’t take when breastfeeding. So we are now using formula milk. I had a stash of MAM 5 1/2 oz bottles and these are the only bottles that Master A uses and feels comfortable using. I love the fact that they come apart so well for easy cleaning. The anti-colic system seems to work rather well as Master A isn’t screaming constantly at all. He does struggle with wind and has done since having chicken pox, this is usually 3am at night but I think reflux plays a big part of all this, not the bottles.

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When I was out and about, someone who I was talking to said that the MAM bottles are her favourite bottles. So they do seem to be rather good! I have since bought the larger versions as Master A is now drinking 8 oz of milk!

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I was also given a few soothers for Master A. He LOVES his dummies! I had to introduce them to him at a young age because I gave up breastfeeding and he had nothing to help his suckling instincts. I used MAM soothers for Miss A and she loved them too. Master A was given a MAM Perfect soother and this hasn’t been very successful as of yet, I will keep trying. Miss A loved her Perfect soother.

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We were also sent a MAM steriliser. I don’t like using any other form of sterilising apart from cold water sterilising. I have used this from day one and loved it until I needed to put more than two bottles in it (you cannot comfortably fit more than two bigger size bottles). I had to give up using this day to day and buy a bigger cold water steriliser,

All in all I love the MAM products that were sent and it has certainly made feeding and soothing Master A a lot easier!

And now we are weaning, which is an exciting adventure in itself!

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