Ella’s Kitchen Weaning Guide and First Tastes pouches review

Did you know that if you register (for free) on the Ella’s Kitchen website, you can get a free interactive weaning guide? No? Well you can! Visit https://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk/ to register.

I have been looking at the weaning guide for a little while now and even though I have been through the weaning process before, it is amazing how much I have forgotten about!

As Master A is only 6 months old. He is still on the stage 1 on the whole weaning process so I have only really looked at that stage of the weaning guide. I must admit it does make the whole process seem fun. I am so lucky with Master A. He has took to solids very well. Miss A on the other hand didn’t!

There are some really useful tips on the guide and the whole guide is eye catching and entertaining. I love the finger painting idea..makes note to make sure that Master A gets a chance to do this! It is rather interactive and so easy to use. Master A is 7 months old soon so I shall be checking out the next stage of the weaning guide very soon!

One thing that would be lovely is sample menus and meal plans. I am still unsure how much Master A should be eating. I know every baby is different but it would be nice to know how much and what other people feed their baby throughout the day.

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I was sent a selection of Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes pouches. These pouches contain just one single type of food. The varieties are carrots, prunes, parsnips, peaches and sweet potatoes. All of the food in the pouches were eaten by Master A…quickly! He LOVED the prunes one. That really did surprise me!

For this blog post, I was sent a selection of Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes pouches and a lovely silver spoon

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